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It’s Hard to Imagine Ending a Day at Magic Kingdom Without ‘Wishes’ Fireworks

The fireworks show – Wishes is one of the most breath-taking night-time experiences that Magic Kingdom Park of Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. It’s the star of the evening and a big-time fan favourite as well. Throughout the fourteen long years of its incredibly successful existence, Wishes has been an important part of the overall Disney experience. Debuted in 2003, this favourite castle projection show offers the most impressive settings to celebrate and wind up your most memorable Disney trip for the day. Whishes’ popularity is such that nobody wants to say good-bye to the Park without visiting this one of a kind Magic Kingdom night-time event.

Fireworks has been an inseparable part of Walt Disney World since inception. Over the years, with so many changes and upgrades it evolves into a major night-time experience that we don’t want to miss. Without seeing the fireworks it seems the day at the park is incomplete. And undoubtedly Wishes is one of the finest offerings in this regards. It has all the ingredients of an amazing Disney tradition that will never cease to exist. Whether it’s the fantasy flight of Tinkerbell from the castle every night or the amazing themes, songs and characters, the larger than the Park fireworks display or the state-of-the-art performances every night, Wishes brings together the best kept fantasies that Disney World has to offer.

However, like its predecessor – Fantasy in the Sky, Wishes too is followed with a new and most anticipated successor – Happily Ever After. The new fireworks show replaces Wishes starting May 12, 2017. The new Show inspires guests to experience their happiest dreams ever, featuring latest projection mapping technology, including original animations and a great theme song. Packed with many new characters and moments from favourite Disney stories such as Brave, Big Hero 6, Moana, Zootopia, Aladdin, Princess & The Frog and more, the new show takes the night-time experience to next level.

The Happily Ever After is truly a dream come true offer for those who are serious about productions going up behind the Castle. But for the Wishes loyal the advent of this new night-time show leads to many fond memories. There are fans who thinks nothing can replaces the Wishes, while there are others who thinks end of Wishes is end of an era. The Show is so deeply connected for some that it brings to life their most memorable Disney moments from childhood. For some the Show is a sweet reminder of their most favourite family moments. Again for some Wishes is the highlight of the entire trip, while for others a Disney trip is just an excuse to watch the Wishes.

Five Tips For a Better Great Wall Hiking Tour of China

Great Wall of China is one of the important ancient wonders in the world. Perhaps, in the world, there is no civilized man, who has not heard about the “eighth wonder of the world (Pre-1900 Creation)” – the Great Wall of China. It stretches from the Liaodong Bay to the northeast of Beijing over North China in the Gobi desert. There are several opinions about its exact length, but what we can say for sure is that it extends to a distance of more than two thousand kilometers, and considering extending from her other ramparts, in an amount to obtain all 6000-6500 km. The Great Wall of China was built by hundreds and thousands of soldiers and workers in ancient times. It seems impossible to understand the hard work and great art of this man-made construction until you will experience it yourself.

• Get amazing experience by visiting Badaling or Mutianyu sections for a different situation. If you want to enjoy wild hiking tracks, walk the track from Jiankou to Mutianyu or from Jinshanling to Simatai.

• Each section has different characteristics that can give you amazing experience at a Great wall hiking tour. Choose the sections carefully by keeping various factors in mind such as budget, the time you have available if you just want to see the wall to see what it is or if you want to enjoy walking to cover the long stretch. The stretches are easy, challenging and sometimes dangerous too.

• One important thing you need to consider is that the Great Wall is located in the mountains. This means two things. First, you choose any section prepared to walk; there are various steps to climb and descend. Second, there are stretches of Wall reachable only on foot, sometimes with long climbs and hilly areas and other much more easily accessible and effortlessly by cable car.

• Regardless of where you choose to explore the wall, remember to bring plenty of water, hat, and sunscreen if you go in summer. In winter, you will find it warm that say it is long but very cold.

• If you decide to go to Badaling or Muyantu, try to reach early in the morning between 7 to 8 am, or go in the afternoon. Remember that Chinese buses arrive between 9 and 12 to attractions, so it’s the worst time to do so.

• A third sector that is qualified to receive tourists is Huanghua Cheng, but it is not suitable for everyone, since the land there is too steep and is in ruins, so you could even climb. If you are adventure lover, you must go for great wall tours for maximum enjoyment and thrilling climbings.

To enjoy the trekking at Jinshanling, you must be very athletic and active. Its difficult routes can make you feel tired on the way. To reach the Great Wall of China, you have to cover a distance of 4 hours. Enjoy your vacations with Great wall hiking tours!

A Believer’s Journeys on the Daily Commute

Like a lot of educated, working professionals who take pride in ‘open mindedness’ and ‘healthy scepticism’, once in a while, I too look up my horoscope and birth charts by various websites for justification of my faults and inspiration for future.

I once found a prediction which very much suited my dreams – the fate to be on the move all the time, to do extensive travelling. The chart even warned me to take up a job accordingly, if I didn’t want to end up wandering aimlessly all my life. I thought that the latter option was more charming, if only I were rich. Being an only child to very cautious parents, I had made very few journeys till my early twenties and so a trip to anywhere would give me extreme happiness, or so I thought.

A few years into my career now, I have realized how my wish and the prediction have come true over the years.

I seem to be the only one in my circle to commute daily over the most harrowing, long winded, traffic congested roads, always. It feels like I am in office only for a few seconds before I take off again on the return trip, yes it seems like a trip, back home. I seem destined to stay as far as possible from office, albeit, in the same city, for various reasons.

The only saving grace, as a result of my vow to use public transport, is that I am free enjoy the same scenery that I have passed by a thousand times.

I try to resign myself to my fate and turn every day’s commute into a quest.

Here are some things I do to avoid going crazy –

Assign a theme for each day, for example, old age or faith or excesses etc and then seek for signs and scenes thereof. Around us, a million drama are unfolding ever y second. Deliberate search gives us glimpses of rarity that familiarity with the general aspect makes us miss out.
Imagine the makeover of fellow commuters to project just the opposite image – turn the chic into sloppy, the conventional to avant garde, the sad to cheerful, the brazen to demure and so on… the possibilities are endless.
Think up movie plots involving 2-3 random fellow commuters.
Have competitions to adjudge – maybe the best house or best pair of shoes or hair or the kindliest face and so on. In one instance, I was ashamed to notice a lost, little house for the first time along the road I have passed by since childhood. It was totally overshadowed by the tall commercial buildings, hanging billboards and the vehicles parked in front, disused and forgotten possibly even by its owner who refused to give it up to progress.

I am still stretching my imagination utmost for more, better paths to think along,

Habit makes us blur over the routine scenery. In all the above, the mind’s eye is forced onto totally unfamiliar, hitherto unnoticed scenes. Even in a square yard, there would be so much to observe if only one went looking for it. The novelty is what exhilarates the traveller and that may be achieved by simply opening the mind only a stroll outside. The jaded cosmopolitan will always see the expected, everywhere.